Tanya is a totally amazing woman/listener/healer.  No matter where you are on life’s journey, she will gently walk with you till you can see the path on your own again.  No pressure. No judgement. Just a compassionate guide when you need it most.  

Clemmy Grey


This program helped me identify losses throughout my life and understand why things haven’t worked in the past. It’s a very proactive program that helps identify what is incomplete so you can complete and let go of unfinished dialog that took up space in my head, making room for other dreams and allowing me to live lighter. 



Absolutely inspirational! The Grief Recovery Method process was clear and precise, personally emotional and liberating. It has brought healing and closure to grief I was carrying around for years. Highly recommend this to Everyone! 



The Grief Recovery Method has been one of the most impactful concepts about grief, loss and change I have ever encountered. It has been eye-opening and life changing. I was not sure how a series of small actions over the course of a few weeks would be able to end years of pain, following the tragic and unexpected death of a parent, but they did. Absolutely amazing! 



Highly recommend Tanya. A profound service during the most difficult seasons.

Lisa Jane


I would definitely recommend this training program to anyone! I learnt so much that I will take with me in all aspects of my life! 



This is an emotionally intense program but 100% worth it. I gained so much insight into my own incomplete relationships and feel grateful to have come across this program. 



This is the real deal. I have had so much loss in my life. I thought I had recovered as I had gone through counselling and completed the work. Was I ever wrong? As I was working through the class, I discovered I had so much grief that I had suppressed. It was difficult, painful, intense, and frustrating. The frustration that I thought I had recovered from my loss… and finding out I hadn’t recovered. At the same time, it was amazing to be able to heal within the training. To heal and identify the emotions behind my pain. It was deliberating. What an incredible amazing experience. Thank you. I recommend this class to everyone that is grieving. I wish it was taught in high school. 



This was such an amazing and healing experience! I wasn’t sure how I would respond or if I’d have a positive outcome…it definitely surpassed anything I was expecting! I’m so excited and want others to have the opportunity to go through this process! 



When I came to Tanya, I thought I had figured my grief out. I had read all the books, gone to suicide bereavement groups, and was “proactively grieving” to make sure I wasn’t holding anything in. But something was still heavy, still holding me back from truly moving forward to recovery from my loss. Tanya changed this for me.  

I thought I had to accept this pain and recovery hindrance as part of my life post loss, but Tanya and the grief recovery method showed this wasn’t true.  

I never felt judged or uncomfortable when telling my story, only warmth, acceptance, and support. Tanya has this special way of making you so comfortable that you immediately feel like you’re chatting with your best friend and has the skills and knowledge in grief recovery to guide you through this process to a better understanding and recovery from grief.  

I cannot recommend Tanya enough for anyone struggling with any kind of loss in their life. She has certainly helped me move forward and change my life for the better. 

Courtney Templeton


As a man, I felt that the training was very beneficial to myself. Many times, men don’t get an opportunity to express themselves. This training taught me a lot about myself. I have learned how to forgive and process my feelings. I didn’t realize how many relationships caused me grief. I am now more wing to express my feelings. 



I lost 2 daughters over 15 years ago, one on Christmas Eve and the other 12 days later. My greatest pain came from the loss of my youngest daughter Anna and the events that surrounded her passing. I was filled with so many regrets and shame because I should’ve protected her and been there when she needed me the most. I could barely visit the memory of her without crying and would rarely talk of her. For 15 years I’ve been locked in my own personal hell and no one knew not even my wife. The GRM has given me my life and my memories back and for someone reading this, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. The tools that I learned from the method will help for the rest of my life. P.S I Think about Anna all the time! 





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